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Are you a Young, Unemployed, Passionate Person? Take Control of Your Life.

Meet the New Yuppies. Young, unemployed, passionate people. People who have reached adulthood in very difficult economic times. People who send hundreds of CVs out without getting one interview. People who are expected to work for free in unskilled, dead-end … Continue reading

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What have future generations ever done for us?

The answers so far: – given us hope – increased life expectancy (?! a very curious and somehow beautiful answer from AQA (63336 Any Question Answered) it sort of made sense in a really bizarre, #TuringTestFAIL way) – given us … Continue reading

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A Question About Space and Babies

We can put people into space, but 40,000 children die every day from preventable diseases. Why? Can this ever change? How do we set priorities –¬†as a global community, smaller groups or individuals?

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