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I Believe in You. Here’s Why.

I believe in You. And I believe in We. Here’s my story (perhaps you’ll share yours too): In May this year I set up a Facebook page called EthicalStartups. I didn’t really know what I’d set it up for and … Continue reading

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What is the purpose of Education?

Such a question cannot have just one answer (at the back of the book, no looking!) so here’s a braindump of possibilities: A collective, ongoing series of ‘Experiments with the Truth’. A bridge from past to future. Being fully human. … Continue reading

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Keys/ Gray/ Brady/ Neil – sexism in the news, and not

Irked by reading: http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/dj-taylor-well-karren-when-it-comes-to-sexism-2198282.html Under the sexism headline, and following on from the Keys/Gray/Brady story, the piece on Andrew Neil’s programme suffers from a glaring omission: any mention of gender. We will remain very far from any possibility of equality … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on LWF11

Without a doubt, the Learning Without Frontiers conference 2011 had the best programme, format and speakers of all the education conferences. Gamers and entrepreneurs, Lords and ministers, children young and old came together under the banner of disruptive technology. In … Continue reading

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Discrimination by faith and gender is alive and well in schools. But is it legal?

48.7% of London state schools, excluding grammar schools, are either faith- or gender-selective (DfE 2010).  Friends of mine have girl-boy twins and wish them to attend a non-faith school, together.  They have just slightly more than half the school choices … Continue reading

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Big Society Education is all around us – notes from RSA Whole Education conference

Whole Education Conference “What Are Schools For?” Monday dec 6th 2010 Morning exercise:  What brought me into education :  My own love of learning, curiosity with the world, love of sharing knowledge, love of museums and art galleries, learning about … Continue reading

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School: is it all about achievement?

Should school be a results-factory where children are constantly pushed to “achieve their potential?” Or a safe place to try, fail and try again? “Tout le monde a le droit de foutre en l’air sa propre vie,” as Amelie Poulain … Continue reading

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