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Are you a Young, Unemployed, Passionate Person? Take Control of Your Life.

Meet the New Yuppies. Young, unemployed, passionate people. People who have reached adulthood in very difficult economic times. People who send hundreds of CVs out without getting one interview. People who are expected to work for free in unskilled, dead-end … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Want To Go To Bed Tonight

1. ¬†Why I don’t want to go to bed tonight I’m too excited by new ideas and possibilities. I don’t do standing still. If I don’t keep working on this now, when will I next get the chance to? I … Continue reading

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You’re Fired! ‘The Apprentice’ meets ‘Downsized & Outnumbered in Hackney, London’

Are you as excited as I am that the seventh series of the UK Apprentice is starting tonight? If you are, then you’re not sleeping either, you’re checking out ‘Cassetteboy vs The Bloody Apprentice’ on YouTube and watching the candidate … Continue reading

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So many business opportunities, so little time!

It’s so easy to start a business these days. In this post I’ll go through the four legs of the startup stool – Cash, Technology, Contacts and Time – and explain why Time is the most important of the four … Continue reading

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Downsized & Outnumbered in Hackney, London

Just another day in urban paradise. Walking along the river Lee to Springfield Park, my beautiful wee assistants and I happened upon the Robin Hood Community Garden. A merry band of gardeners beckoned us in. An orchard and raised … Continue reading

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