This blog is starting off as a big shoebox full of ideas, old and new, being downloaded from my brain, sketchbook, notebooks, scraps of paper and cuttings.

I would very much like to get feedback: suggestions for improvements, relevant links, challenges, rebukes, insults … although please refrain from physical violence. Positive comments and thinly-veiled flattery also welcome.

Thanks – I hope you enjoy reading it.

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  1. Hi Pascale, an amazing explosion of thoughts and feelings. Have you read Schlain’s Art and Physics? I think you are the kind of idea artist that may be ahead of your time!

    I am in the local Transition Chichester group and the local RSA organiser for Chichester, I will think about what kind of event we might ask you to speak at, if that is OK. On the Transition side I have been trying to get interest in Technology and Growing food, so soon I may be a Trustee for the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire. When I look at, for example, self watering systems, I can find ways to use materials I would throw away, and that is great, but with food if you don’t quite get it right it tends to go wrong, e,g, watering. And maybe I need ways of hanging food growing things from my windows, or using ceiling space for mushrooms (the hottest place in the house is the ceiling) and so on, DIY is fine and recycling is fine, but nothing beats things designed for purpose, if we can agree what kind of purpose we are working to. Surface to Air is such a great title, full of fun and intrigue, scary but seductive. Web site looks good too!


    Graham Rawlinson FRSA C.Psychol

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