*Almost* Coming Out of Hermitude… Sharpening My Axe


I’m almost coming out of hermitude…

For the last few years I’ve been sharpening my axe until it glints with my reflection.

Sharpening and sharpening each day, until it is keen-edged,  ready to chop down the barriers and suffocating vines that hold people back from fully developing into the beauty, strength, and capabilities that are their birthright.*

I will start putting my ideas back into the world soon. When I’m ready, and when my idea are developed enough to be useful to others.

For the mean time, bear with me… and send me a word of encouragement if you have one to spare.

Kind wishes

Pascale x


(*If that blocked and suffocated person sounds like you or somebody you know, stick around. Good stuff is coming.)

[image from: https://www.kentofinglewood.com/products/axe-sharpening]

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1 Response to *Almost* Coming Out of Hermitude… Sharpening My Axe

  1. Michael Edwards says:

    I’m pleased to hear you’re returning, to share your perspectives.
    I’ve missed them!

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