Design-Your-Own Mental Health Tracker Jewellery

This new project idea came from a visit to Autodesk yesterday. We were shown a series of beautiful prosthetic limbs, co-designed with the user, incorporating different materials such as chrome and white leather. Some incorporated the user’s tattoos from their missing limb. Amazing stuff.

Now we have 3D printing (or ‘additive fabrication’) we can easily make one-off, co-designed pieces in a wide range of materials. There have also been big leaps forward in ‘quantified self’ and app-based health technologies on smartphones.

All of this gave me an idea – a jewellery line that tracks your mental health in various ways, combines it with location and activity data from your smartphone, and suggests ways to help you manage your mental health.

A specific application would be for the teenage market. Each person can design their own ring, bracelet or locket that sits on the skin and tracks a range of factors using sensors – heartrate, temperature, skin chemicals, movement. Combine this with user-inputted data (txt “I feel sad today”, “this lesson is boring me”, “I am scared about dinner”) and location-based tracking (potentially between individuals, anonymised) and the user can quickly build up a picture of what activities, places or relationships makes them feel happy, sad, lonely, frustrated or afraid. The user would own their data and choose how to use it to make decisions in their life. It could even be used to choose career paths based on how certain activities or lessons make you feel, or choose a music playlist that makes you feel good when you’re in a slump.

I chose the teenage market because in the UK there are high levels of teen depression leading in some cases to suicide. It’s such a sad situation. This solution combines unique,gorgeous jewellery, app technology and a large dose of the person gaining back control of their life and their mental health.

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