How I got 10,000 Likes in three weeks – what worked this time round!


You may have followed my travails working out the best way to get Likes to my pages on Facebook.  [see previous post]

You might also have tried it yourself.  Have you?  If so you may have come to the same conclusion as me … that making successful Pages is relatively simple (Zuck and friends have created an amazingly intuitive system) but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  You know that chess quote: “knowing the rules of chess and being a good chess player are two different things” – same with FB pages.  There are a number of tricks and tips that combine to make a Page take off.

I actually took a course last year and spent a good month trying it out before I got the hang of it and got my first 10,000 Likes.  It took me many more months to finally crack how to make my pages work for me and my business.  It still sometimes feels like a dark art – more sorcery than science – but by rigorously split-testing your actions you can build up a picture of WHAT works, even before you find out WHY it works.

My four main Pages combined now have over 25,000 Likes.  Three of those pages I don’t even actively engage with nowadays (they were tests) but they keep attracting new people as their members share new posts every day. That’s nice to see.

Here are five things I’ve learnt that may be helpful to you too:

–  Don’t give up if you don’t get it right first time. My first ‘ethical business’ page got stuck at 124 Likes and I couldn’t shift it.  I actually sulked then, since my ‘frivolous’ pages (Hello Kitty and Lady Gaga themed) were rocking in the thousands.  A few months later I retried it with EthicalStartups and it took off like a rocket.  10,000 Likes in just three weeks, and climbing steadily since.

–  Work with what you believe in – be authentic.  Don’t change who you are to suit what other people are.  Keep your voice and those who want to hear you will find you, eventually.  What’s the point of building up a network of people you don’t genuinely click with?  You won’t want to hang out with them online and it will be obvious.

–  If your Page is supporting your business, make sure it fits into your business strategy. Facebook is a lot of fun, but if you want or need it to be more than that, you need to think it through.  Internet marketing guru Rich Schefren says “you read a book from beginning to end, but you design a business from the end to the beginning”.  Have your “business blueprint” ready (full business plan or just a back-of-envelope sketch) or – even better – work it up in parallel, since your Pages will give you great marketing insights for finding out what people are actually looking for and how you can help them. 

–  Play the long game – or as Gary Vaynerchuk quoted Beyonce: “Put a Ring on It” – don’t act like a 17-year old on a first date.  If you’re not genuinely interested long-term in the people who Like your page, if you don’t want to help them find interesting info and ideas and connect with likeminded folks, don’t bother.  Social media is social – be sociable!  Think of your Facebook page like a house party, not a trade fair.  [That doesn’t even work on LinkedIn where people go with work in mind, so it definitely absolutely categorically will not on FB.]

–  Keep track of your successes and failures – and learn from them.  Use split-testing for everything you do (it’s really incredible how much you can find out from this, scientifically.  Just a decade ago marketing was like groping in the dark, now we have … METRICS!  FB Insights! … use them!)  Keep track of your time spent, as everyone knows social media can chew up your life.  You need to be in control, as time=money.  15-minute timesheets, people!  (At least, once in a while to check you’re on track.)

OK I hope that helps and if you would like to know more – or get some direct help with your own Page and fit it into your business strategy – do get in touch.  [Leave a comment below and I’ll contact you.]

Enjoy your Facebooking,


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9 Responses to How I got 10,000 Likes in three weeks – what worked this time round!

  1. Thanks for that, really interesting to read – I tend to use twitter for work, rather than FB, even though I have a company FB page – but would be interested how FB could be used better for an architecture/urbanism practice.

  2. Lucy Johnson says:

    Hiya-I am about to launch my first Facebook campaingn-Social Media Courses for Teachers-Any insights greatly appreciated-

    • Hi Lucy I’d be happy to help. I’ll have a look at your page now to get an idea of where you’re at.

      Facebook adverts sound right for you. I’d imagine the teachers you want to reach are indeed on FB as well as Twitter, TES forum etc so they should be relatively straightforward to target with FB ads (and potentially Google Ads although that’s less straightforward and you need a bigger budget so I’d start with FB).

      If you do it right and use split-testing to adapt to response FB ads are very cost-effective.

  3. Hi Pascale,

    I don’t think we’ve met, though I believe we’ve had a near miss or two! (I also know Lucy J, and regularly attend the Everything Unplugged meetings in Royal Festival Hall, but missed the one you came to; I’m also a longtime fellow of the RSA). I’ve got a Facebook page for my Agile Learning initiative (which isn’t quite a business, or a campaign, but a… well, it may be part of the problem that it doesn’t quite know what it is). My page has been dormant for a while, partly because I hit the kind of ceiling you describe… I’ve recently started a Google Plus page. I’d be interested to have a quick chat with you if you have the time sometime?

    cheers, David

    • Hi David, thanks for reading and commenting. I very much recognise your “it doesn’t know what it is” dilemma. I’ve heard a lot about Agile Learning and I’d be delighted to assist if I can.

      Let’s call or Skype next week.

      Have a good weekend, Pascale

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