Here are three brilliant, for-profit businesses that are “doing well by doing good”, pushing boundaries and taking risks in search of new solutions.

Innovation with values.  Success without compromise.


1.  OMEGA & SWATCH GROUP  – pioneering technical partnerships


One of the first Main Partners (financial and technical sponsors) of Solar Impulse, the world’s first solar plane. OMEGA is responsible for the instrument panel, vibrating alarm devices in the pilot’s sleeves and an ultra-lightweight landing light system which delivers an astonishing watts per weight ratio and incorporates Swatch resilient plastics.  OMEGA have also undertaken the timekeeping for the Olympics 24 times to date.

They say:  “Solar Impulse Partners have in common a pioneering spirit, a long-term vision and a desire to explore new horizons. They share the basic values of the project: exploration, technological innovation, competence, entrepreneurial expertise, passion, teamwork, dream and emotion. Like Solar Impulse’s initiators, they are keen to use these values to promote renewable energies and the technologies needed for protecting the environment.” 

Read more on OMEGA’s ‘pioneering spirit’ here: http://www.omegawatches.com/spirit/pioneering


2.  DEUTSCHE BANK   –  Impact Investment Fund (social benefit + financial return)

“Deutsche Bank is the first investment bank to create a discrete, ring-fenced fund to invest in this nascent asset class (Impact Investment) … The fund itself will be to a maximum of £10million, to be invested over the next three years, and to be repaid over 10 years.” 

Not only that, the bank displays an impressive range of CSR projects including several design competitions – one of our favourite methods of pushing innovation forward.

Find out more here:  http://www.db.com/unitedkingdom/content/en/deutsche_bank_impact_investment_fund_1.html


3. ATELIER TEN  –  global leaders in environmental engineering

“We are committed to high- performance and sustainable design within the built environment.  We use our imagination, knowledge and experience to contribute to our clients’ success.  Enlightened but pragmatic solutions are a hallmark of our work.”

Founded in London in 1990 by progressive engineers, Atelier Ten now have offices in Glasgow, New York, New Haven, San Francisco and Abu Dhabi.  Their world-class projects include Yale University Kroon Hall and “The Visionaire”, the first LEED Platinum condominium building in New York City.

Look through Atelier Ten’s major project showreel here:  http://www.at10.co.uk/projects/project-highlights

[Compiled by Intelligent Futures Ltd:  connecting, celebrating and supporting successful ‘profit with purpose’ businesses worldwide.]

Do you know a profit+purpose business who should be showcased?  Please get in touch using the form here: https://pascalescheurer.wordpress.com/2012/02/04/ethical-startups/  (tell us which business and why in the Comment box).


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