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Climate Crunch, Credit Crunch, Reality Crunch – The Impact of Computers on Architecture

I hope you enjoyed my talk at Magdalene College’s ‘Festival of the Image’. As promised I will be posting the talk and the links here shortly. Please leave your name and email address so I can notify you when it … Continue reading

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Lean Startup – an Art or a Science?

Lean Startup Machine founder Eric Ries believes there is a science to starting a business. I’ve been trying out his Lean Startup methodology in action today on the cold streets of Camden town. It’s been a long, tough day. But … Continue reading

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Ethical Startups – make your money make a difference

What does your money get up to while you sleep? It could be supporting ethical start-up companies – creating jobs and finding new solutions – and generating a return for you at the same time. Introducing ETHICAL STARTUPS: A fund … Continue reading

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