I Believe in You. Here’s Why.

I believe in You. And I believe in We. Here’s my story (perhaps you’ll share yours too):

In May this year I set up a Facebook page called EthicalStartups. I didn’t really know what I’d set it up for and it went dormant at 124 Likes when I had my (long) summer sabbatical.

Resurrected 3 weeks ago, it now has 10,135 Likes and an emerging community. I was asked today by a ‘Liker’ to explain who’s behind it and why it exists. This is what I wrote. It’s a bit ‘heart on sleeve’ but that’s how I am.

For those of you who know me personally, what follows will come as no surprise. For those who don’t, I hope you’ll get to know me a bit better, and why this blog exists. And I hope you’ll be inspired to get involved.

Basic Information
Founded May 2011
Location London, United Kingdom (well Facebook, Planet Earth)

We love ethical businesses. We believe in them. We run them. We help them succeed. We exist to connect, inspire and support them. To greater success: greater positive impact + greater profits.

Company Overview
Set up in 2011 by architect, serial entrepreneur and sustainability-addict Pascale Scheurer (MA(Cantab) MSc RIBA FRSA), EthicalStartups is a social media platform which connects people who share an interest in innovative businesses:

… businesses that are ‘part of the solution’ to our global problems.

One of the reasons I set this up now, is that I have two small children. I worry for their future and I hope to be able to say to them as they grow up: “I may not have solved climate change, social justice and global poverty, but I tried. I tried.”

I was involved in sustainability issues at University and took an MSc in Development Practice at Oxford Brookes University. My dissertation was about a community-led computer network on a run-down housing estate in Manchester: “Come and Have a Go if You Think You’re WIRED Enough”.

I then moved to London, finished my architecture qualification and set up an architecture practice. We specialised in designing schools, so I was able to continue my interests in sustainability and ICT, as well as using my skills and education to help society. We won Awards, built great buildings, worked with inspiring clients and colleagues and generally had a ball.

I sold my share of two successful, architecture businesses in 2011, for a six figure sum, to found EthicalStartups. It is part of my ‘Intelligent Futures’ company.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 9 years old. Ethical Startups is my thriteenth enterprise. I’ve never been so passionate about anything (except my family of course, and I’m doing it for them).

To help bring success to innovative businesses that are ‘part of the solution’ to our global problems. And to meet great people, be inspired, have fun and make money doing it.

Awards None so far, but watch this space!

Products To be revealed…


That’s all, folks. Hope it plucks a string somewhere inside you.

I believe in You. And I believe in We. Despite the feeling that we’re all staring down the four horsemen of the economic/social/ecological/climate apocalypse right now, I believe we can win this.

Pass this on if you like what I’m doing. Help me improve it if you don’t. Get in touch if you want to be part of it, I’d be delighted to meet you.

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3 Responses to I Believe in You. Here’s Why.

  1. Excellent article, hope it all goes well. I might just pop over and like the page myself. Thanks for a heart felt read.

  2. Cheers Gary, thanks for your comment. I like you blog too. Honest reviews of the work-from-home opportunities out there.

  3. Ethical business is certainly part of the solution – a big part. Good luck.

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