Too difficult to define?  Sustainable, ethical, green…

Sustainable, ethical, green: they seem to be labels that mean nothing, or everything. Or something different to each person you ask.

We need to reclaim the jargon.

Or give up, head to higher ground and focus on survival.

Environmental campaigners have been too mellow. Too thoughtful. Too willing to listen, and to be deviated from telling their truth by smooth rhetoric. Not angry enough, not willing to accuse and shame. Terribly nice, not terribly effective.

If we can’t define Sustainable, Ethical and Green, then define the opposites. In ways people can understand.

Unsustainable = using up all the resources, kicking out loads of toxins and wastes. Result: like having a houseparty that gets a bit out of hand: sore head, trashed carpet, bin overflowing with stinky beercans, no food left in the fridge.

Unethical = having a lifestyle that you know full well depends on other people having shit lives you would never want for yourself. Child labour, slave wages, war etc.

See, it’s not so difficult.

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