Pazza’s List: Nonifesto v1

This business won’t:
1. Be zero-sum.
2. Contribute to climate change, or be neutral.
3. Create toxic emissions.
4. Have negative social impact.
5. Encourage others to have increased negative impact (including by saying ‘buy more stuff’, even if it’s ethical/eco-stuff).
6. Encourage others to ignore responsibilities for social and environmental change required to allow all to have basic freedoms and opportunities.
7. Do harm. (Primum non nocere.)
8. Be unthinking.
9. Rest on its laurels, allow more than a year between regular reviews, external audit and challenge.
10. Be unchallenging, lazy, unprovocative.
11. Stop believing, or see technology/science/philosophy/human intelligence for any less powerful or positive than they could be.
12. Stray from its DUMB goals. Disruptive, Unrealistic, Meaningful, Brave.
13. Shirk its global responsibilities, or allow others to do so.
14. Be part of race to the bottom.
15. Take advantage of legal loopholes.
16. Buy from or otherwise support non-ethical businesses.
17. Be too shy to challenge others to change.
18. Be coy about intention to make money, lots of it.
19. Use fear to sell.
20. Forget about future generations, or allow those out of sight to be out of mind.
21. Say one thing and do another.
22. Deviate from being the change we wish to see in world.
23. Lose our Authentic Intent to always improve, learn, do better, help others do better.
24. Stop being creative.
25. Stop listening.
26. Be a pyramid scheme.
27. Make money out of making people fearful or suspicious of each other, or playing to the negative.
28. Be afraid of selling, or of obtaining hard cash.
29. Exclude people, or become self-referential over time.
30. Forget to be locally engaged/participatory, and support/encourage our clients to be.
31. Deviate from Cooperative principles.
32. Be afraid of working within contradictions and paradoxes, or be paralysed by them.
33. Use long-distance travel, where there is an alternative.
34. Lose our sense of humour, or compromise it.
35. Forget to see the best in people and their potential to be ethical/good, or forget our own shortcomings.
36. Deviate from the Legacy model.
37. Try to make money without providing real value.
38. Lose sight of the awesome, the inspiring, the impossible, the dreams, the art, the nonsensical, the perverse, the not-quite-sure-where-this-is-going-yet, the outrageous, the senseless acts of beauty.
39. Become pessimistic, or its hideous little brother, ‘pragmatic’. Or worse – lose hope entirely.
40. Be about me and my fabulous ideas, but about its customers and what they want.
41. Forget to have a wicked party once in a while, and do it in style.
42. Hog the credit.
43. Be copyright rather than copyleft / creative commmons.
44. Forget that trust is the basis of everything. Be open, trusting and trustworthy.
45. Make promises it can’t keep.
46. Dismiss what others have achieved.
47. “Specialise in all types of xxx”.
48. Be afraid to steal ideas from all over – those we admire, those we don’t agree with. Or be jealous or held back by those who seem to be ‘already doing it’, and doing it really well. From them all, we’ll try to learn, and share our knowledge (coopetition model).

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