This advice will change your life.

Well no it won’t, just wanted to see how many people would click on it.

Sorry that was facetious of me. Are you disproportionately influenced by the tiny ridiculous hope that an email/phonecall/facebookcomment/tweet/whatever might, just might, change your life?

I know I am.

And why not? I think it’s part of human nature, and it’s definitely something we’re used to seeing on TV and in films, where nothing happens that isn’t part of moving the plot along, and people’s lives DO change in an instant. Yes, that’s TV and film, not reality … but what IS real is that we like that shit. Our stories are full of it, from time immemorial.

I’m also super excited to have found this (if it works it’s a Tweet button … go on you know you want to, even if it’s only to say “this blog post is pony, that’s 37 seconds of my life I’m not getting back”)

have a wonderful evening! pxx

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