Downsized & Outnumbered in Hackney, London

Canalside life

The hustle and bustle of central London...

Just another day in urban paradise. Walking along the river Lee to Springfield Park, my beautiful wee assistants and I happened upon the Robin Hood Community Garden.

A merry band of gardeners beckoned us in. An orchard and raised beds have emerged from this patch of brambles and fireweed, so thick last year that a brick pit and bench were entirely concealed. Wildflower meadows, willow pergolas and an extraordinarily large herb spiral are laid out with string and bricks.

My girls pull on bright blue children’s gloves and water tender shoots with a yellow duck watering can. Two, perhaps three hours pass before we head back up the hill in search of icecreams.

An amazing afternoon, lovely people, and a reminder that a slower pace always brings new discoveries, even in familiar places. As Lao Tzu wrote: “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”

Garden helpers

Child Labour Scandal at Community Garden



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4 Responses to Downsized & Outnumbered in Hackney, London

  1. Hi Pascale,

    What a beautiful write up of your trip to the robin hood garden. I was not there as I work Thurs. There is such a special thing going on down there you captured it well. Hope to see you and the girls sometime soon, Nikky.

  2. Hi Pascale,
    I like your blog : I will have a bit of a read through : (freelance, working from home : I love a distraction, me!) I was probably down there on thurs when you came : glad you liked it and felt the vibe! We are lucky with our location at the garden, that we can call people in from the river path : we really do love it when people are just passing, but then change their original plans to stay and get stuck in helping, just as you did.
    Hope to see you again

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