Pre-launch freebies for my new business!

“There is room at the top of the ethical business tree, and there’s a great view of the future from up there.”

My new business plan is coming together. I’m not sure WHAT I’ll be selling yet, or how much I’ll be able to charge for whatever it is, but I do know two things:
– Who my customers are
– Why this business exists and is needed

These two now seem crashingly obvious, but they took a really long time to formulate (I’m not giving the answers away just yet! 🙂 … mainly I think because I needed to build my own confidence to say and write things that I hold very dearly and deeply in my heart.

I also know many of the nuts and bolts of how I want the business the operate: my dealbreakers. The elements without which the business would be quickly consumed by its own internal paradoxes. Again, these are charmingly simple truths.

So, without even knowing what I’m going to sell, how can I possibly be confident that this business will succeed? Again, two reasons:
– This is based on all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained throughout my life, I feel it in the very core of my being. This will work.
– I’m not alone. In fact, as I’ve developed my most extravagant, unrealistic, perverse and complicated ideas over the last few months, I’ve found dozens of very immensely successful people out there who have done some of the things I’ve been thinking about. So many that I risk sliding into “This has already been done, I’m bored now” territory. But I haven’t seen anyone doing exactly what I’m doing, and even if they were I would take that as a positive. I certainly haven’t come across anyone writing the same things as me. I am constantly buoyed up by finding out what other members of ‘my tribe’ are doing – in many cases with wonderful success, and many of them for 5/10/15 years.

Although I haven’t even worked out what I’m selling yet – that depends on what people need (see ‘Freebies’ below) – I already feel part of a network of similar businesses, which I believe will be hailed at some point as “the next big thing” (though the idiot-media spotlight is not important) and we will all make each other stronger by our own successes. There is room at the top of the ethical business tree, and there’s a great view of the future from up there.


So, I need to find out what my ‘core customers’ (if you’re reading this, that’s you) want, need, believe in and passionately desire. I want to help other ethical businesses succeed. I will develop my company’s offers around your needs. So, here’s the Freebie: How can I help you? It could be anything. Small or large. We’ll find a way to fit it within the ethical frameworks of both our businesses. You’ll tell me your overall goals (you know, the biggies, world peace, eradication of malaria, fairtrade fashion … whatever floats your ethical boat) and you current problem. I’ll work hard to try to solve it for you, to make a noticeable and quantifiable change in how effective you are. At this stage and for the first 10 businesses who sign up, the service will be free – in return, you’ll be helping me to develop my business.

I’m looking forward to working with the most creative, inspiring, unstoppable and kind people in the whole world – and helping you help us all make our world even better, even more colourful and curious and crazy.

If this post strikes a chord with you, do get in touch, and do pass it on to your creative, inspiring, unstoppable friends.

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  1. (The bits I didn’t say: 1= the client is anyone running an ethical business, 2= the purpose is to help them be more effective = help roll the global snowball = world peace & justice, climate stability, fab & fair future for all)

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