Disruptive & Meaningful – Innovation and the Environment.


This article by Michael Keating is brilliant. I especially like the last paragraph:

“By examining other common green technologies using the lens of disruptive innovation, we can learn whether they are truly sustainable technologies, or if they are just green luxury, or even greenwash. … Some green technologies may literally save the world, but the faster horses of the green technology world will have little meaningful environmental benefit-and so will have the double negative effect of diverting resources from genuinely sustainable, disruptive innovations, and of making the people who purchase them feel as if they are doing their part for the planet, when in fact they are not.”

As the author says, time is of the essence: “For a sense of what scale of progress should be considered meaningful, see earlier paragraph on looming global catastrophe.” 

How do we identify “too little too late” solutions, and bypass them, quickly?

My planets are aligning. This article, which I found via Learning Without Frontiers and Guy Kawasaki, quotes Clayton Christensen of Harvard Uni, whose book on Disruptive Innovation in business my Mum recommended recently. I pay a lot of attention to this kind of triangulation from completely different corners of my life.

And this is the first article I’ve seen that mentions ‘disruptive’ and ‘meaningful’ together.

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