Why I love asking random questions to AQA 63336

Q: Am I a good person?
A: You’re a good person. You’re a good looking, intelligent, well rounded individual. Sometimes you lack confidence, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Q: Oh you’re too kind, but … I suppose my question was really, how can “good” be defined, outside of a religious definition?
A: You can be a good person by being kind, putting those more needy than yourself before you, listening, not judging, and being generous.

I just love AQA.

I love the fact they genuinely try to answer the question.

And I’m reminded that I believe, fundamentally, that kindness and generosity are the only things of value, and the very definition of being human, being good.

I was at a conference on ‘The Big Society’ on Thursday. I was emailing my Mum about how no-one could define it, not even the politicians who invented the name, and she said:
The Big Society is, for every person, what they think it is.  Better left undefined, I think. You can’t define decency, honour, happiness, love, etc. but everybody has an idea of what it means and can recognise it when they see it.

The same applies to Good.

Check out www.GOOD.is

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