What have future generations ever done for us?

The answers so far:
– given us hope
– increased life expectancy (?! a very curious and somehow beautiful answer from AQA (63336 Any Question Answered) it sort of made sense in a really bizarre, #TuringTestFAIL way)
– given us a reason to deal with climate change, when it still looked as if it wouldn’t happen in our own lifetimes
– a purpose for education and culture (eg Daisaku Ikeda)
– made us better people than we could be as individuals
– freed us from the Unbearable Lightness of Being, and the Existential crisis
– come back to save us from the future eg Terminator
– lent us the planet (we don’t inherit it from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children)
– explain the psychology of climate change, risk, overconsumption: teenagers don’t yet have a fully developed prefrontal cortex
– unwittingly subscribed to work to pay off our debts
– the demanding customers of tomorrow
– the post-consumerist non-consumers of tomorrow?
– made us feel safe, loved and able to fail
– made us better than we thought we could be
– allowed us to be children, even as we struggle to be adults – kept our inner artist alive, as per picasso’s famous quotation (“all children are artists, the difficulty is to remain artists as we become adults”) – perhaps children are the true teachers, and adults those who need to un’learn’
– ask D.U.M.B. questions (disruptive, unrealistic, meaningful, beautiful)
– left open the door to question all our ‘certainties’
– remind us that connection is more valuable than consumption, and trust the only value in money
– stop us taking ourselves too seriously (ineedsomeothat.com)

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5 Responses to What have future generations ever done for us?

  1. Pascale Scheurer says:

    The full answer from AQA, Feb 18th 00.27

    63336: Future generations have consistently made medical advances which have increased the average human life span. This is evidenced by an aging population.

  2. Reminded us of the holes in ‘democracy’ – as Bianca Jagger said at Ecobuild, future generations have no vote and no voice.

  3. Answer from “Archichaula” on WikiAnswers: (bizarrely it was removed by a ‘supervisor’ 13 minutes later, for being ‘not a good answer’… ?!) (I have edited out a couple of God references, yes that’s me self-censoring my own blog of things that don’t even offend me)

    Ha ha ha ha. The present generation has to do a lot for the coming generation. We have to nuture our future generation with love, care and most importantly come to their level so that we listen, smell, do things as they do. They cannot come to us with lot of love and respect if we do not give them. Rather they would be lost and will not know where to go and perhaps go in the wrong direction. Let us all welcome the future generation with open arms and broad mind. N lets pledge that when we bring this future generation in our lives they are all we are going to have so we will nuture them with delicacy and always be there for them to listen to them and not judging them and letting them find their own happiness by doing what they want to. We are guides not Gods. N they will never be a burden to us. N when an outsider puts a negative tag on them, t! hen we will ask them to mind their own business, we may spend trillions of dollars and send them to the moon or Pluto. Its our wish.
    Edited by: Archichaula

  4. Answers from Tipping Point audience:

    (1. = answer before pres, 2. = answer at end)
    In no particular order

    1. No idea

    1. Made more babies
    2. Created hope

    1. Nothing, they are not here yet
    2. Reverse our shit (hopefully)
    3. Die

    1. Not paid the mortgage on property they will inherit

    1. Kept at least some of us honest
    2. Alright then … hope

    1. (Education) Teach us & (In return) Reflect us
    2. They do make us feel foolish and wantec to right now make the change! “Help them (children) help us”

    1. Made us dream
    2. Made us dream!

    1. Challenged what we are doing in the present
    2. Challenge what we do in the present. Disruptive Unrealistic Meaningful Beautiful

    1. Laughed jumped joked
    2. Laughey jumpey jokey

    1. Stopped us doing what we could
    2. Given us something to care about

    1. Cooked breakfast
    2. Told us a joke

    1. Robots
    2. Given us the motivation to carry on

    1. Taken inventions and made them boring
    2. Guilt / remind us to be grateful
    3. Given our imaginations a form onto which we project the future results of our efforts

    1. Gave me an incentive to change stuff

    1. Worried me
    2. Taken time to think (TTTT)

    1. Readdressed their relationships with other people and forged self-sufficient communities
    2. Not given us enough education to understand the question

    1. What do they know? Apart from what we DON’T know.

    1. Equal opportunities
    2. They keep developing & exploring

    1. Gave us hope
    2. Given us reason to change

    1. Looked after our polar bears!
    2. Learn from our mistakes – ban mass consumerism

    1. Judged us
    2. Invented

    1. Given us trepidation and hope

    1. It’s not what they’ve done, it’s what they will do
    2. Nothing then everything after we are aware of it

    1. Nothing but the result of our education
    2. The continuation of ourselves – they are the ongoing pinnacle and point – when you think about it, of everything

    On the tweetwoo… #tippingpoint
    paid my pension, I hope
    dream the personifications of time travel

  5. Just re-read this and still love the answers from the Tipping Point pechakucha evening.

    What do you think? What legacy will we leave for future generations … and does that affect your intentions/actions?

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