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Moping about the Budget: my latest column in Building

The Budget didn’t do much to raise Pascale Scheurer’s hopes for the future of the industry. Here she considers what has changed and what you can do to mitigate the effects. Sustainability on a Shoestring 01 April 2011 | By Pascale Scheurer … Continue reading

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Marflow|Omega – letter to Wolfram|Alpha

Dear WolframAlpha team, Thank you for bringing this wonderful tool to the world. Truly extraordinary! My question is: how do you map the limits or “outer edges” of the WolframAlpha field? The reason I ask is that my father teaches … Continue reading

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Great, I’ve solved Climate Change. Here comes the 2100 Club.

Climate change. it’s impossible isn’t it? Either you’re not sure it’s happening, or when it’s happening, or it’s impossible anyway… it’s a big hairy pain in the ass. Seems to me there’s two questions that need to be separated (PLEASE, … Continue reading

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What have future generations ever done for us?

The answers so far: – given us hope – increased life expectancy (?! a very curious and somehow beautiful answer from AQA (63336 Any Question Answered) it sort of made sense in a really bizarre, #TuringTestFAIL way) – given us … Continue reading

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Advice on setting up a business in a recession

Several people have approached me recently for advice on setting up a new business.  I’m not surprised:  the recession continues to bite, hard.  LinkedIn tells me that “67 of my connections changed jobs last year”.  Many of those have decided … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Education: On High Culture and Low Expectations

Some thoughts on the debate at #NCR11, at Katharine Birbalsingh’s book launch, 3rd March 2011, Rich Mix Bethnal Green. On the Arts and the hierarchy of subjects: To start with my question: “If Shakespeare, Bach and the Renaissance are so … Continue reading

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Sustainable Schools: Stop Obsessing about Buildings – the Children are the Real Resource

Pascale Scheurer on ‘Sustainable Schools at a Time of Reduced Spending’ (interview with Katie Puckett ahead of my talk at Ecobuild 2011) Being a sustainable school is not about the buildings. That may be small comfort to the many teachers, … Continue reading

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