What is the purpose of Education?

Such a question cannot have just one answer (at the back of the book, no looking!) so here’s a braindump of possibilities:

A collective, ongoing series of ‘Experiments with the Truth’.
A bridge from past to future.
Being fully human.
GCSE success: Global, Creative, Social, Entrepreneurial.
Global Coopetition.
Surprise and delight.
Develop the ability to answer the question: “What have future generations ever done for us?” And the ability to ask it.
Develop creativity, defined as “the process of having original ideas that have value”.
Explore and redefine what “value”, “quality” and “good” mean.
Explore and redefine relationships between I, We and The Planet.
Explore the idea that a plan will get you from A to B, but imagination will get you everywhere. Including into trouble. And out of it again.
To find a place of safety. Internal, and external.
To kindle the soul’s flame.
More than transmission of knowledge, more than development of talent. The great enterprise of passing on the fullness of humanity.
Sometimes, to stay away from your potential. You’ll only break it.
To ask “Why?” and never stop. If stopped, ask “Why not?” instead. 
To learn DUMB goals as well as SMART goals. Disruptive, Unrealistic, Meaningful,  Beautiful.
To know, absolutely without a doubt, that you can learn everything by yourself. To also know, without a doubt, that knowledge without sharing is of no value.
To know that happiness comes from trying to imagine the pain of someone you have never met, as keenly as you feel your own pain, and this inpiring the imperative to act.
To stay an artist whilst growing into knowledge and responsibility.
To act your shoe size not your age.
All that and more.

With thanks/apologies to Gandhi, SKR, Pirsig, Global Generation, Einstein, Ikeda, The Dalai Lama, Picasso. Not at all sure why no women. Must try harder.


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4 Responses to What is the purpose of Education?

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  2. Love it! The PDF from the first week of our launch is an interesting read too. The diversity of answers is awesome. http://bit.ly/purposed-tweets-110204.

    Thanks for your contribution!

  3. Thanks for the positive feedback Andrew, and for the great link. Really enjoying following #purposed

  4. loumcgill says:

    great list – very economical way to take the 500 word challenge..

    but you’ve set us all a challenge now – off to find the women’s voices to add to this

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