Keys/ Gray/ Brady/ Neil – sexism in the news, and not

Irked by reading:

Under the sexism headline, and following on from the Keys/Gray/Brady story, the piece on Andrew Neil’s programme suffers from a glaring omission: any mention of gender.

We will remain very far from any possibility of equality for men and women, if we cannot even notice sexism where it is most evident, and most influential – the all-male schools that dominate UK politics.

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One Response to Keys/ Gray/ Brady/ Neil – sexism in the news, and not

  1. .Calling all Conflucians! I thought it would be interesting to see if we could collectively weave a tragic quilt exposing the unfortunate sexism and misogyny experienced during this election. By gathering of all of the outrageous acts of sexism and misogyny that have occurred this election cycle in a single mass collection it will help to point out in a very public way the pattern that WE know existed yet so many continue to deny. Let us create a collage of disgrace exposing those who attacked competent and committed candidates simply because of their gender. We must fight from this day forward to ensure that this never happens again. The only way to do this is to raise awareness and create a cultural mindset that abhors both sexism AND racism and of course homophobia. So run to The Google review your bookmarks and check your files for video clips photos articles and blog posts demonstrating the egregious behavior towards women that occurred as part of the 2008 election. Lets expose the wretched truth that has been swept under the rug and hidden from the public eye. Then maybe we can begin the process of opening eyes and changing attitudes..I shall begin with the one that I despise the mostaptly titled .Likeable.

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