Personal Growth, Communication, Trade and Trust

I’ve been reading an excellent blog at

His focus is ‘Personal Development’ and the blog covers a broad range of topics, illustrated by personal anecdotes.

It made me think how important a few key ideas are, to many if not most people. (I am currently going back to basics thinking about how people spend our time and money, what we value. For two reasons: 1. I want to make a successful business out of it. 2. I’m curious about values, which tie ethics, business, actions and culture together.). So to my list, which I may add to later:
– TALK – communicate – be heard – be validated – meet – discuss
– debate – share
– TRADE – actually includes most of the above, more so than the accumulation of cash – I think of an ex boyfriend’s father who spent an inordinate amount of time labelling, wrapping up and boxing trinkets for the weekly car boot sale, where he would generally trade them with the other sellers, occasionally a small profit was generated between them, it wasn’t about the china dogs and cut glass ash trays either, they just liked meeting in the rain and swapping stuff
– WIN – validation – satisfaction – proof of something – pushing boundaries – trying – competition – coopetition
– EAT SHIT PISS BLEED SLEEP WANK – let’s not ignore the basic bodily functions, where there’s muck there’s brass
– CURIOSITY – closely linked to TALK and WIN
– LOVE – whatever THAT means, it means a lot to a lot of people!

Trust links ideals with trade, via communication. Money is trust. (Money is also debt.) Trust is contextual, money is contextual. One fiver in my wallet can be worth fifty times the one next to it, depending on how I use it. Or fifty times more to the next person who uses it.

What’s important – no, what’s INTRIGUING (less pompous and truer to my meaning here) – is how these different things interact FOR YOU, personally. What does money mean? trust? curiosity? Trade? Love? Good/bad? Success? … The Internet, rather delightfully, shows us quite clearly what we like, what we do, what we look for.

Back to Steve Pavlina. He has a great blog. A lot of people appreciate what he writes, and that means a lot to him. He gets better as he writes, and gets responses. That means a lot to him too. He’s also able to live from his blog, quite comfortably. He’s a modern-day internet philosopher. Like millions out there (wit taking anything away from him, he’s very good). Who knows if he will ‘go down in history’. But what is ‘history’ anyway? He might like the saying “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the whole world”. I sense he might agree.

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