The Truth About Free Schools

I’ve just chaired a panel debate on Free Schools. Opposite ends of the spectrum were represented by Fiona Millar and two parent-promoters, Jon Da Silva from Wandsworth and Sobia Bashir from Kirklees.

As a parent-promoter myself (Hackney Free School for Creative Entrepreneurship), and in the spirit of Fiona’s “The Truth About Our Schools”, I would just like to say:
– parents promoting Free Schools do not necessarily not care about what happens to other people’s children and to other local schools.
– there is nothing wrong with being middle class. It’s not a choice. You might as well attack me for being white. Or black.
– parents have a responsibility to educate their children, not the state.
– many Free Schools groups actively want to work in partnership with other local schools, the Local Authority etc
– setting up a Free School does not mean I am attacking other schools or the comprehensive system

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