DUMB goals, and other ideas for Generation i to live by…

You’ve heard of SMART goals, but what about DUMB goals?

& Bold

Generation i ? :
– Impact
– Intelligence
– Insight
– Interesting
– Innovative
– ideas
– inspiration
– iPod/Phone/Pad!
– I, we, the planet

How are we to live, together?
– Emotional intelligence
– ethics
– legacy
– love
– lovely
– be kind
– communication
– openness
– do no harm
– do it because otherwise you’ll never know what might have happened
– if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, stop doing it
– people, planet, profit
– one life living
a few other ideas/phrases I like:
– senseless acts of beauty
– kindness and generosity are the only things that count, and they’re free, they’re simple … but they’re not easy
– surprise and delight
– what have future generations ever done for us?
– only connect

On creativity and the future for architects
– we have become a visual society again. A picture tells a thousand words. Creative MBAs, Creative Entrepreneurship MAs. Architects may yet reclaim a valued role, because we’re visual communicators, we straddle art/science/business, we’re lateral thinkers, we’re team players, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and to take on the big challenges, we understand priorities and value and risk and cost control, and we know how to take an idea through to a concrete reality, on any scale…

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