Is Profit only for bad-boys?

I run a business and am always curious how profit is portrayed as something inherently bad. I don’t believe it is necessarily the case. I believe this notion actually allows ‘profit-makers’ to think that they are allowed to discount the wider consequences of their activities. “The ‘not-for-profit’ sector deal with that fluffy stuff…” It reinforces the notion that caring people are hypocrites if they make money, thereby making it less likely that they will acquire an asset base with which they could challenge the status quo.

All business should internalise its externalities.

Not all profitable business is zero-sum game.

So let’s liberate the word ‘profit’ from its bad-boy tag.

(posted on RSA Fellows Network discussion group ‘Profit with Purpose’)

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One Response to Is Profit only for bad-boys?

  1. I personally believe that the word ‘Profit’ does not has any kind of negative connotation. It is how the world goes round, and if people are hung up on semantics, then everyone would be out of work.

    Non-Profits are businesses which pay staff salaries, pay expenses, and have an advantage that they can write off the income received in the name of the charity.

    I am a business owner of a profit company which employ’s over 50 people, along with someone who run’s a non-profit for charity. At the end of the day, love and money make the world go around.

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